Inspection services

An inspection is an organization examination exercise. In engineering activities inspection involves the visual, measurements & tests. The results are compared to specified requirements, acceptance criteria & standard for determining whether the item or activity is in line with the targets.

Our key areas of expertise include the inspection of material, machinery and manufactured items, for example vessels, rotating equipment, valves, fittings, piping and other components. This is complemented by process specific expertise in disciplines such as manufacturing, welding and fabrication, instrumentation and control systems, coatings and non-destructive testing.

Inspection services include (not limited to) :

Coordination of inspection, Organization & carried-out of Pre-inspection meeting, Finalization of review of inspection & test plan, Survey of stamping & mechanicals of castings / forgings testing coupons, Incoming raw material inspection, Survey of NDE & PMI examinations, Review of material certificates 3.1,3.2, Review of NDE reports according to acceptance criteria, Hydro static tests with presence of third party inspection, coating&painting.

Our inspectors will detect problems earlier in the supply process, saving you re-work and replacement costs as well as ensuring that your product or plant is delivered on time.