Manpower Supply

We  offering Labor Supply & skilled and unskilled workers to our clients in the recruitment. Our Labor Supply services always help in recruiting the cheap labors for the prescribed jobs. This helps in saving time, energy and our client’s money.

PQIC  supplying from India Skilled, Semi-Skilled and Un-Skilled labour in poland. We fulfill the manpower requirements comes under this category for different industries, organizations and construction companies.

Skilled – Semi-Skilled & Unskilled Labour

Skill is an evolution of a person’s proficiency, wages, and the specialization in a field. Skilled employees usually get higher salaries and rank because they are more trained and responsible as compared to unskilled workers in the company. Worker who are carpenter, fitter, welder, bakers, coopers etc comes in skilled labour category.

Contract Labour Supplier

Contract Labour It means someone who signs a deal with you for providing any type of specified labour work. It is very crucial for the starting, continual and till the end of a successful project. it can be a construction project, any production line, or any of the projects that requires good amount of labour.

Nowadays success of a project specially depends on the smooth work flow and that depends only on the labor that is working for you. Handling and arranging labour these days are very tedious task. But you can’t take a chance on that.

Having contract labour supply can make a big difference into your construction or production timeline. A contractor can offer you with these services when signing a deal with you.

  • A good amount of labour as per requirements
  • Good labour consultancy
  • Labour with supervisors at different levels
  • All the necessary labour equipments
  • Labour Safety
  • Following with Govt. norms

It is a common question that comes in mind that why should I go for a labour contractor for the fulfillment of our labour services. In our opinion you must go for a contract labor instead of taking care of it by yourself. Here are some of points:

  • It saves your plenty of time
  • Now Its not your headache to arrange labour
  • You are free to do some important jobs or can look for more clients capturing.
  • You will have reports in the evening of the work done by us.


According to 2010 “Talent Shortage Survey”, on an average, 31% of employers worldwide are unable to find native talent ideal for their vacancies. The problem, according to the survey, is not the lack of talent, but the lack of suitable talent. This ‘talent mismatch’ issue has become a global concern, and has compelled organizations to outsource ‘suitable’ talent from other countries. And when it comes to the need for outsourcing skilled workforce, by far, India tops the list.

For manpower outsourcing, India is the global favorite; for reasons more than one.

Abundance of skilled workforce in India: The size of skilled workforce in India is almost 50 million (2010), and by 2020, it is expected to touch 150 million. In fact, India has among the largest numbers of technical personnel, besides twice the number of university graduates in USA; perhaps, due to the customary emphasis on high levels of education and qualification here.

Competence:  Recent reports indicate that Indian professionals are the world’s most ambitious, and have a high rate of engagement of 78%. This is directly reflective of their competence because it shows how capable they are of understanding the organization’s goals, and making major contributions towards them.

Mobility: A major factor that makes Indian professionals among the most demanded and preferred for off-shore employment, is their ability to relocate (even for shorter durations). In fact, the Global Mobility Index rating of 141 (2010) for Indians, confirms that it is the most mobile workforce of the world.

Adaptability and Flexibility: Perhaps, it is the rich traditions, regional diversity, and high emphasis on education that make Indians among the most versatile workforce in the world. One of the major contributors to its adaptability to foreign environments is its familiarity with and fluency in English, the universal language. This is because English is always either the medium of education, or a part of the syllabus in India.

Cost Savings: A major chunk of expenses in all businesses is employee salaries. Outsourcing manpower from India is definitely an effective means of reducing costs. Even the most skilled Indian manpower can be recruited at highly competitive salaries.

Sincerity and Dependability: Indians are among the most sincere, dependable and trustworthy professionals around the world. This may be due to the combination of their high level of education, strong cultural background and high aspirations.


If you are interested in or you want to consult about Contract labour supply for you industry or construction site you can contact us any time.

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